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Weingut Wohlmuth

Since 1803, the Wohlmuth Winery has been a pure family enterprise, which is now run by Maria and Gerhard as well as their son, Gerhard jr. and his wife Marion. Respect for nature, uncompromising aspiration for quality, sensitivity and sustainability are the fundamentals of their work.

Meinhardt Hube


Aigner unfolds their creative potential with wines that are not supposed to appear modern or even show superficial effects, no, they are supposed to represent the significance of the Kremser wines. A greatness that has been developed with care and diligence over nine generations


Nittnaus is based in the “Land of the great wines" - Austria - Burgenland - Lake Neusiedl - which has1600 hectares of vineyards that makes up Gols, the largest wine community in Austria.
Gols produces some of the world’s best sweet wines, which thrive on the Southeast slopes surrounding Gols and the plateau stretching to the Seewinkel district.
Diverse, fertile soils and a unique micro-climate on Lake Neusiedl provide perfect preconditions for exceptional wines.